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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

What Is 2S In Train - Know About 2S Coach In Train

What Is 2S In Train - Know About 2S Coach In Train

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So today I will talk about what is 2s seating in train, if you also want to know about it, then read the article completely. In Indian trains, we get to see different coaches like: sleeper coach, ac coach and their fare also varies according to their coach. Similarly, there is also a 2s coach in the train, so let's know about it in full detail.

What is 2S in train? let's understand

The seating arrangement in a train is arranged by letters or numbers. "2S coach" is a class of service on Indian Railways trains, where "2S coach" stands for second seating.

This is the lowest class coach given in Indian trains, which comes in the reserved category, and its seats are like benches, In many trains you also get these seats in the form of cushions. There are no beds or other facilities available in this coach and the seats are also not very comfortable and will be mostly used by people who have low budget or want to travel short distances.

What is the difference between 2S coach and general coach?

There is of course a difference between 2S coach and general coach in train because when you book a seat in 2S coach you also get your seat number because this coach is a reserved coach and here you are entitled to your seat. On the other hand seat number is not available even after booking in general coach because this coach is unreserved and in this coach people sit wherever they want and this coach is overcrowded so if your journey is long then don't travel in this coach.

What is the difference between AC chair car and 2S coach?

Many people consider 2S coach as AC chair car coach, which is not at all the case, there is a difference between the two coaches, so let's understand this difference.

"2S Coach" is commonly known as "Second Sitting". And it is the lowest class of service on Indian Railways, it has seats that are not air-conditioned and less legroom than other coaches. This coach service is usually the cheapest but also the least comfortable.

The coach of "AC Chair Car" which is found in only a few trains in India. It is more comfortable and costlier than second seating. The seats are arranged by numbers in the same way as the other seating, but these coaches are air-conditioned and have more legroom.

If we understand it in brief then: -

Second Sitting (2S):- Not air-conditioned and also less comfortable.

AC Chair Car:- Is air conditioned and is more comfortable as well.

How to book 2S coach seat?

If you want to book your seat in 2S coach in train, then for this you can also book it online from IRCTC website. Remember that sleeping facility is not available in this coach as it is only for sitting. If your journey is of 5 to 6 hours then this coach is perfect for you but if your journey is of 1 to 2 days then book your ticket in sleeper coach or AC coach only because in this you will get the facility of sleeping. Because if your journey is long then you will also need good sleep.

What is the fare of 2S coach?

The fare of 2S coach in reserved coaches is very low, if you want to understand the fare of this coach, then for this I want to give you an example.

Suppose you want to travel by 2S coach from Delhi to Ajmer, where it will take 6 to 7 hours to reach, then for this you will have to pay "180" fare.

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