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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Ambulance Car Stunt Mega Ramp Rescue - APK Download | Car Games | Car Racing Games

 Ambulance Car Stunt Mega Ramp Rescue

Short Introduction Of This Game :- 

- In this game you have to drive Amulance Car and rescue injured humans.
- But rescue mission is not easy you have to drive ambulance car on top uphill tracks and 
 there is many hurldles on the way so this is creat stunt racing for your car.
- This game is ambulance car stunt racing / driving game.
- So, drive your in speed and rescue injured humans in time.
- Drive ambulance car safely on uphill tracks otherwise you will fall down on top
  and you lose the game.
- In this game 55 levels are available to play.
- In this game you get 12 diffrent types of ambulance cars to play.
- One of the car is already unlocked to play and left-over of 11 cars you have
  to unlock yourself.
- Perform stunts and win levels and get more and more reward to unlock more ambulance cars.
- Background music in this game is good and you can mute music as well if you want.
- Controls of this game is very smooth to play this game.
- Three types of controls are available in this game :-
1.Steering Wheel

So download this car game and play and enjoy.

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ScreenShots Of The Game:- 

ScreenShots - 1

ScreenShots - 2

ScreenShots - 3

ScreenShots - 4

Category:- Ambulnace Games

Version:- 1.1

Also Download This Game:-

Publish Date:- 18 April 2020

Download Size:- 44.3 mb

Developer:- Black Street Studios


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