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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Bike Racing 2019 - Extreme Race - Apk Download | Bike Games | Games to play

Bike Racing 2019 - Extreme Race

Short Introduction Of This Game :- 

Extreme bike race is one of the most popular game.
- In this game you have 5 types of bikes to play this game. One of bike is unlocked to play and left-over 4 bikes you have to unlock yourself.
- Perform you best in different types of tracks and collect rewards to unlock more bikes to play.
- Multiple tracks are available in this game to play.

1. Circuit
2. Lap knockout
3. Elimination
4. Checkpoints
5. Speedtrap
6. Timetrail

- Control is good and very smooth to play this game.
- You have only use tilt type of control to play this game.
- Sound Effects and Backgrounds music in this game is great to listen when you play this game.
- You can mute music and sound of this game also.
- This game is a offline game.
- Graphics are great and looking very nice.
- Bike games to play.
- Bike 3d games to download
- So, download this game and enjoy.

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Thank You.

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ScreenShots Of The Game:- 

ScreenShots - 1

ScreenShots - 2

ScreenShots - 3

ScreenShots - 4

Category:- Bike Games

Version:- 1.0.11

Also Download This Game:-

Publish Date:- 1 December 2018

Download Size:- 39.2 mb

Developer:- 7Seas Entertainment Limited


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