Police Jeep Prado Car Stunt Uphill Racing - APK Download | Gadi Wala Game - Gadi Wala Game


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Police Jeep Prado Car Stunt Uphill Racing - APK Download | Gadi Wala Game

Police Jeep Prado Car Stunt Uphill Racing - APK Download | Gadi Wala Game

Short Introduction Of This Game :- 

-Prado Police Jeep Impossible Ramp Stunt Tracks Racing Game.
-Drive prado jeep on stunt tracks and be carefull to challenging hurdles otherwise this  hurdles can be an obstacle in winning the game.
-Complete stunt racing mission and get rewards and unlock more prado jeep to play this game.
- In this game you see high quality of graphics and stunt tracks environment.
- Control is good and very smooth to drive prado jeep on sky stunt tracks.
- Sound Effects in this game is good to listen for fun.
-This game is a offline game.
-Complete one by one challenging stunts win the levels to get reward.
-In this game all prado jeep is police jeep and in this game you see 3 types of police jeep to play this game and as usual one of the prado jeep is already unlock to play and others 2 police jeep you have to unlock.

So Drive your prado jeep and complete challenging levels and enjoy this game.

Thank You.

Gadi wala game

ScreenShots Of The Game:- 

ScreenShots - 1

ScreenShots - 2

ScreenShots - 3 

ScreenShots - 4

Category:- Jeep Games

Version:- 1.0.2

Publish Date:- 17 December 2019

Also Download This Game:-

Download Size:- 31.5 mb

Developer:- InterBolt Games

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