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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Offroad Mountain Extreme Cruiser Jeep Driving APK - Gadi Wala Game

Offroad New Fastest Car Drifting 3D 

About This Game APK:- 

Hello Freinds, 

Are you like Car Drifting Racing and driving games? If yes so this gaming app best for you. Here I am giving you some review for about this game. So I downloaded this game on my mobile and I played this game for a long time and when I played this game I feel game is good for me I cannot say it is excellent but the game is quite good and when you download this game and play you will enjoy this game. 
  • This game is an offline game so you don't have to require an internet connection.
  • This game totally racing game I can say it is a car vs cars racing game to play.
  • This game has good graphics so it looks nice when you play this game.
  • 5 types of cars available in this game when you select garage option you can see many cars one car already unlocked for play the game and leftover four cars you have to unlock for play so you need to win all the race and get rewards to unlock all the cars. so play this game and try hard to win and get your reward.
  • All the levels of this game hard to win and tough to play you have to drive very carefully and perform your best driving and win the race.
  • This game has a timer on all the levels so if you have to complete all the laps and finally reach your destination and finish the first to win the race 
  • When I played this game I found it has no buttons, no wheel, to control the game you can control this game from your mobile so shake your mobile left and right side and your car move left or right side that's how you control your car to play. 
  • If you have a good processor on your mobile you don't have any issue from this game when you play.
  • When I played this game I found very little lag so it's good to play.
  • The design of the game and location is good to play.
  • You need to drive carefully focus your car movements and drive fast to win the race.
  • This game is fully multiple car racing games. 
In my opinion, it is a good game and this game has 3.9 ratings out of 5. So this game has good ratings also. Overall, When I played this game I don't find any issue it is easily open and I played very easily. I find little lag between in gameplay but it does not affect your gameplay. This game is good graphics, good location, good vehicles, etc. I think this game is good to play for everyone. I think you all have to try this game to play.

Try this game and comment on how do you feel about this game. 

App Information:-

Category:- Car Game 

Version:- 1.1.34

Publish Date:- 09 November 2016

Also Download This Game :-

Download Size:- 29.9 MB

Developer:- Abstron Pvt Ltd

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